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Recipe ReDux: Stick with Maple Syrup – an easy, nutritious “French toast” recipe

The snow has receded, the sun has come out, and the temperatures are headed up (this week, insanely so). These few weeks in the very earliest part of New England’s spring are the time to forget any lingering bitterness about a dreary winter and tap into a natural source of sweetness.

Tapped sugar maples just around the corner from our house

The sunny sides of sugar maples yield a sap that when boiled down (in something like a 40-to-1 ratio) creates a fantastic amber treat: maple syrup. The process is explained nicely by the Boston Globe.

Photo by Clampants (aka Mr. Eating The Week) on flickr

To celebrate this seasonal bounty, we Recipe ReDuxers are “Sticking with Maple Syrup Sweetness” for our March theme. There are myriad ways to add this natural sweetness to meals, and I already had a simple breakfast recipe that mimics the flavors of French toast using maple syrup, cooked barley and a hard-boiled egg. But I decided to add in a few more healthy ingredients – banana and walnut – to really bring it up to Recipe ReDux standards. The result: banana walnut “French toast” barley:

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Recipe Redux: Eggs BeneMex for a fresh start with breakfast

Fresh off our holiday trip to Texas, I was charged with devising a “fresh start” breakfast recipe for January’s Recipe Redux. Hopelessly Tex-Mex obsessed at that point, and looking for any excuse to douse things in salsa, I trained my sight on eggs Benedict. This was a perfect candidate for a healthifying Redux, what with the sticks of butter involved in the traditional sauce and noticeable absence of anything recently derived from a plant.

But simply omitting the hollandaise and adding salsa doesn’t maintain the creamy, sloppy texture that is a good part of what makes eggs Benedict awesome. Enter the magic ingredient: avocado.

By mixing up these mean, green nutrient machines with some lime and hot sauce, I got a spicy sweet sauce with that desired creamy texture, minus all the saturated fat. Combining the sauce with salsa over poached eggs and corn biscuits, I ended up with Eggs BeneMex, a great Tex-Mex take on the traditional breakfast dish.

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Twisting the Week away

We’re fairly adventurous eaters at Chez ETW, but apparently we are anything but creative cooks:

Me: “I’m doing a ‘twists on old classics’ theme for Eating the Week, but I’m drawing a blank for an original recipe. Can you think of anything we make that fits that?”

Tim: substantial silent pause. “Sometimes we microwave-steam vegetables for stir fry?”

So… this is not going to be a post presenting any madcap, winsome, inventive recipe that originated from our own kitchen. But I’m happy to highlight many other folks who are exceptionally skilled at turning the tried-and-true into something tasty and new.

First up: Peanut-butter sushi, from Peanut Butter & Co via Serious Eats (here).

Our son likes conventional (seaweed-and-fish) sushi and maki rolls, but I don’t have anything like the skills or patience required to make them at home. Lucky for me, a few basic household ingredients can be squished together, rolled up and cut into a cute take on sushi.

Interested in new twists on meatloaf, pizza, lasagna and more? Head past the jump.

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Speed freak: Eating The Week gets Superfast again

If that title made you worry that I’m going to bore you to death with more off-topic running/marathon nonsense, relax. This week’s speed isn’t happening at the track but in the kitchen, with a trial of seven recipes from Cooking Light’s Superfast collection.

I tried this before and found it was a fun way to explore new dishes and learn some quick-prep tips. So when Cooking Light (via Facebook and Twitter) put out the call for Superfast fans to potentially be featured in the magazine, I grabbed my pretend stopwatch (iPhone app) and got cooking.

In the spirit of Superfast, no rambling musing over each dish this week – just seven quick reports on time spent, changes made, and tastiness achieved.

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The Week lays an egg

Hey, guess what? Around our house, there’s only one answer to that question:

And what comes from the aforementioned chicken butt? Hopefully you guessed eggs; the other options would make for… well, a much weirder post, let’s just leave it at that. So why eggs? By virtue of their usual job nourishing a growing chick, eggs are a nutrient dense food. They’re a good source of protein (including all the essential amino acids) and fats, several B vitamins, selenium and other nutrients.

Now, true, they also contain a good deal of cholesterol. But as I learned in Intro Nutrition, the cholesterol you eat does not head directly from your mouth to your bloodstream. Rather, the saturated fat in your diet has a much more direct effect on the cholesterol that shows up in your blood (see this brief explanation, also). So if you’re eating a balanced diet, you’ve likely got room for an egg or two with breakfast.

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